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Many “analysts” will jump on my back for neglecting to mention the salubrious effects of India’s democracy, or how corruption dooms Russia to eternal slippage.The reason – as I’ve endlessly argued on this blog – is that these kinds of arguments are frequently flawed even where only living standards and civil rights are concerned (e.g.Furthermore, global warming is melting the Arctic, opening up shipping routes, energy sources and living space – a development Russia is uniquely positioned to take advantage of. It is influential globally and in the EU, has a self-sustained nuclear arsenal and MIC, and its own semi-satrapies in West Africa.

It is also playing an increasingly visible global role, together with countries like Turkey and South Africa, as a representative of “The Rest” (as distinct from “The West”). Though Canada or South Korea or even Italy could just as easily take this spot, in the end I decided it should go to Turkey.Since I’m not a think-tank, I can’t be bothered doing it “scientifically” by coming up with formulas and looking up all the hundreds of relevant stats that typically go into CNP calculations. Meanwhile, its conventional military power, power projection capabilities and cultural influence remain globally hegemonic. Political capture by special interests at home and “imperial overstretch” abroad has made its fiscal situation patently unsustainable.This in turn threatens its dominant military position, especially coupled with accelerating Chinese military modernization. China is rapidly emerging as the next global superpower, now boasting the world’s largest manufacturing sector and (arguably) the biggest economy in terms of real GDP.Karun Nair’s 303* highlighted what was a record-breaking day for India.Virat Kohli will be eagerly pushing for a win on the final day.

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