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Once upon a time Jake Paul and Alissa Violet were dubbed Jalissa, the power couple of the social media squad Team 10. See, fans shipped the pair and with their seemingly happy, super cute pictures on Instagram, tons of You Tube videos they filmed together and along with the fact that they never flat out confirmed or denied if they were a couple, it's no wonder fans totally bought into it all.But then, things got messy and many versions of the truth started to unravel.Until then though, we just had to break it all down to the facts we have from Jalissa sit back, grab some popcorn and relax as we take you along for the timeline of the Jake and Alissa saga.Alissa took to her Snapchat to share videos of her stuff packed up from the Team 10 house, saying Jake had kicked her out. Jake then responded on Twitter and accused Alissa of cheating on him, which is why he told her to move out in a series of now-deleted messages. Jake raps,"“And you know I kick them out if they ain’t with the crew/Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention talking s–t on Twitter, too/But you still hit my phone last night, it was , and I got the text to prove/And all the recordings, too…

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From then on, Alissa and Jake were on and off dating and that was when they were making content together and she signed a contract to join his Team 10. So yes, it was clear they both felt they were not treated fairly in their clearly unhealthy relationship.According to a candid video Alissa uploaded, she met Jake the day before she graduated high school back in Ohio when she was 18 years old.She was in the mall shopping and Jake and his brother Logan happened to be there doing a meet-up with fans since the brothers are from Ohio too.It was just not a good situation." Alissa goes to say that the one time she "decided to be savage like him," which we're assuming means she had a guy come to the house, since she earlier in the vid says he wouldn't allow her to have any guys over, that was when he kicked her out of the house. In the midst of all of this back and forth, Jake started to date someone new: Erika Costell. Alissa did say in her video, which she put out in the beginning of June, that she was still not over this whole situation and even hearing Jake's name still hurt.This resulted in Alissa not having anywhere to live and she says she lost all her friends since they all sided with Jake. Yes, she is in Team 10 and like he did with Alissa, Jake and Erika live together in the Team 10 house and they film tons of content together. But by the end of that month, she had found someone new and officially moved on.

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