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Going further, you must check if your spouse also avoids being alone with you or is uncomfortable in expressing his love by saying ‘I love you,’ or no longer holds your hand in public or barely hugs you anymore.

These signs confirm that he emotionally wants to cut his feelings of affection for you, as he is feeling guilty due to his proximity with the new partner.

Perhaps the other woman has suggested he grow a beard, or use different brand of cologne.

Similarly, if your lazy spouse who is fond of football watching on TV has suddenly becomes a morning person and regular to gym, please take it that it may not be you that he’s trying to impress.

Perhaps there is an inner conflict and he is grappling with it.

This is so because he is still not able to kill his inner voice – may be this is his first time or there is a lot of gentleman portion still left in him.

In your presence the voice conversations are short but chatting is long.

He makes sure that after the ‘interaction’ he deletes the ‘history’.

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If you are a good observer then it should not be difficult to check if your partner is ‘enjoying’ good company outside of home and there could be serious relationship problems or marriage problems.We are all living in the age of “Social Networking”, “Financial Freedom” and ‘Easy Availability”.If your partner has a roving eye and does not mind instant gratification or does not feel guilty to have having an affair or extramarital sex, it is easy for your partner to lose control and “slip”.If confronted he is likely to give a number of plausible excuses for his new absentee status which could just be an attempt to cover up the fact that his extracurricular activities involve an extramarital affair.He could be spending the time away from home with another woman.

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