Principals dating teachers

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A few dozen of Bates's students walked out to protest his hiring, staging a demonstration right in front of the school.I wrote it up, hammering Lane with everything I had.

"I hope you stay in the Chicago area because I will continue to do what I think is best in telling the city of Chicago that we have the best-trained, best-educated workforce," Emanuel said in a commencement address to graduates at National Louis University.Moreover, probationary teachers who are given unsatisfactory evaluations and who are not rehired at their schools are slapped with a do-not-hire designation.Principals can hire back teachers evaluated as unsatisfactory, but if they don't, the teachers are essentially banned from ever teaching anywhere in the CPS system."He's gone and we're left to pick up the pieces." YOU KNOW YOU'RE REALLY OLD WHEN . Let me explain: In the winter of 1995, I noticed a story in the Sun-Times pointing out that six of the ten winners in a citywide high school poetry-writing contest came from Lane Tech. Curious about why so many good poets were coming from one school—which back then was primarily known as a technical school—I made a few calls and wound up having coffee at a north side cafe with an English teacher named Randy Bates. It turned out that Randy Bates was also Lane's drama coach and he was gearing up to stage a production of The Diary of Anne Frank.I came up with a plan to follow the production from auditions to cast party and write one of those endless epics the Reader used to run in those days.

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