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As if getting an hour isn’t low enough, these companies will skim another 20% off the top and “help” folks.These little scavenger companies are always fighting with each other and it adds even more complication into the mess of dealing with Arise. For those of you who don’t know this yet, I’ll have to do a separate Blog about the BBB.Most recently Arise announced that they will start dropping by at any time to check if an agent’s house complies with Arise’s standards.” Seriously, WTF?Agents better be sure they wash all of their dirty dishes!The person looking for work is out over a thousand dollars in expenses, plus approximately 6 weeks of unpaid time that they donated to Arise for training, and they’re nowhere.

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Now Arise says, “but you have a flexible schedule, so you’re not an employee.” But this is a lie.Arise Virtual Solutions in Mirmar Florida bills themselves a “work at home opportunity” and has workers take calls for large companies like Disney, AT&T, Carnival and Intuit while pretending that they are in a call center.Recently large clients have bailed because Arise was doing a poor job and it was hurting their reputation.For most clients there are never enough hours, because Arise is constantly bringing in more people so they can charge them training and application fees, even when there aren’t enough hours for the people already working.Even if the “client” is about to be gone from Arise they’ll still take people’s money and “train” them and then tell them there’s no work 6 weeks later.

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