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I mean a real fist fight with someone going down for the count. This city was built on mountains so the first floor of one might be 10 floors below the first floor of its neighbor and they will be connected by quaint stone stairways, skyways, scaffolding, balconies, business storefronts and roof gardens.In every one of these connecting routes, there will be: like this, but very few places can keep the show going for more than a few city blocks.I know there have to be major cultural/sexual differences, and I don't want to offend him or gross him out.

Chongqing has it written in blood that any local that bows and scrapes to outsiders is actually a Chengdunese spy, trying to learn the secret of hot pot.

Everyone has an entry point when they encounter and eventually sink into a foreign culture and mine was Chongqing: it was the first time I realized that “socialism with Chinese characteristics” meant “fat cat capitalism”.

It was the first time I saw the people most alien to my own do things I do every day.

Someday, I’ll write down all of my Chongqing stories, but now I gotta turn to the city I chose as my home away from the world, Chengdu.

I left Chongqing’s madness for Chengdu because the city was flat, the roads spider-webbed and the living easy.

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