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It is therefore recommended that you first validate the inputs to this function to ensure that the generated result is a reasonable size.

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If there is at least one % character in the format string, the rules of PHP's strftime() will be used.

For the discount rate this means that a margin of 100 basis points has to be added.

The Commission Regulation (EC) No 271/2008 of 30 January 2008 amending the implementing regulation (EC) No 794/2004 foresees that, unless otherwise provided for in a specific decision, the recovery rate will also be calculated by adding 100 basis points to the base rate.

While Epoch/UNIX time can be represented in either seconds or milliseconds, all N1QL date functions specifically treat Epoch/UNIX timestamps as milliseconds. Therefore, N1QL also provides convenience methods to allow you to manipulate and convert dates in string format. The supported string formats are composed of the following components: The following table shows all of the accepted string date formats for N1QL date functions, using the date components specified above.

In cases where the timezone is not specified, the local system time is assumed: Dates are composed of multiple different components such as the day, year, month etc.

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