Tokio dating

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We especially welcome graduate students to make use of the museum's many facilities.At the moment, the University Museum is examining the possibility of establishing a graduate school, aimed at producing high quality researchers in various disciplines.Two of the most basic units within the museum are the departments of research and material.This department includes three closely cooperating basic units.

In this facility we are able to measures the accurate date of various organic materials from geological, archaeological or historic contexts.In the Koishikawa Annex, attractively located near the universities' Botanical Gardens, temporary exhibitions are held, and objects and databases are stored and made available to researchers and the public.This department consists of three units, sub-divided into seventeen sections, owning over 2,430,000 items mainly from natural and cultural history: Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposits, Mining, Historical Geology and Palaeontology, Geography Botany, Forest Botany, Pharmaceutical Science, Zoology, Fishery, Physical Anthropology and Prehistory, Medicine Archaeology; History of Architecture; Archaeology of Fine Arts; History of Fine Arts; and Cultural Anthropology Besides collection management, research and exhibitions, the activities of the University Museum include educational programs.This department is the "basic stratum" of the University Museum; it is in charge of collecting, classifying, and preserving research materials.It promotes "fusion" in the University Museum, planning to use accumulated research materials effectively and repeatedly.

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