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The first step to validating an email address is to check whether it is in the standard format.If you’re a seasoned programmer, feel free to skip over this description.The third option involves writing our own set of functions for in-deep email address checking, which can be considered an intermediate solution between the two above described.This approach is versatile and portable enough to be used whether we want to expand basic validating functions or add extra functionality to existing classes.Obviously, an email address that displays a real email domain doesn’t necessarily imply that the user name is valid. Once we have defined the new function, we could call it this way, assuming that we have an incoming email address from a POST form: Our function is very easy to implement and powerful enough to handle the problem of verifying that we’re dealing with an existing domain.

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The simplistic check Email() function validates the format of a user’s email address by encoding its standardized format in a regular expression.

So, if no type is provided, the function will search MX records for the given host.

In our case, we need to look for MX records according to the host provided within the email address.

In this article, we’ll develop a reusable step-by-step solution to validate a user’s email address as accurately as possible, in an attempt to save some work the next time an application needs to check for email validity.

The process will show the power of some interesting PHP built-in network functions, as well as demonstrate how to reduce noticeably the possibilities of dirtying our applications with user-supplied bogus email.

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