Dating clubs in durban

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So I used to organise a live band from Harare, to come to our country club, 3 times a year.

I would sell raffle tickets in the club for an LP(long playing record) weeks before the social as we called it then, to raise money to help towards paying for the live band.

In 2001, while I was teaching in England, I again wanted to create dinners for singles but could not find premises.

I must mention when I was teaching in the UK, I was a companion for an old man called Mark who was 92.

When I was a teenager on a farm in Zimbabwe, we were quite isolated.

I was at boarding school in South Africa and during the school holidays , there was not much socialising.

When I met him, he told me that his wife had been gone 13 months and he said to me loneliness is the worst thing in life.

Owner Jan Mannix has been running her Dinner Club for since 2004 Life works in mysterious ways.I bought green plastic chairs and tables and each month I would buy more plates and platters and knives and forks.I ran my dinner club from a house in Rosebank from 2007 until the house was sold in 2010.I am now back in Bryanston running my dinner club from a house in Bryanston, 202 Cumberland.For a complete listing of our services, please click here.

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