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As I have already mentioned early in this post that even Gucci’s standard pair of jeans is available at minimum price of 0.

The brand had made a stir back in 1998, when they debuted their distressed and ripped jeans at an astonishing price for ,134.

While some customers add in a button fly, others prefer good old-fashioned zipper.

Some customers even want their jeans to be faded and there was an occasion when someone had once asked Escada to encrust Swarovski crystals into a customized pair.

It is an entirely hand made process where the jeans are washed 13 times and then they are dyed and painted between each wash. Each pair is encrusted with 16 one carat rubies, 25 half carat diamonds and 1080 grams of 18K white or rose gold.

Though the jeans may not be appealing to your eyes with all the skull designs on it, it is worthy of the price tag for the sheer amount of hard-work involved.

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Having said that, now I offer you top list of most expensive jeans brands that define luxury in a rugged demeanor.Their limited edition of expensive jeans featured embroidered butterfly designs, while the back pocket was adorned with a gold logo of the company. While the above mentioned brands in the list of the top 10 most expensive jeans brands are jeans manufactures, the fashion designers are not left behind to grace the chart.Roberto Cavalli is counted among the high end fashion houses in the world and when such a brand decides to design a pair of lush jeans, it had to come with a heavy price tag as well.This is how Escada had sold their customized pair for whopping ,000.One of the most expensive pair of APO jeans is accentuated with silk pockets and riveting made of gold, silver and platinum along-with exquisite gemstones.

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