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Dalessio has painted primarily in Europe but recently he has also made New York a painting destination.Amagansett Beach captures the serenity of a misty evening at the ocean.Bright colors give the impression of billboards, lights, and advertisements that fill the facades of buildings where Broadway meets 42nd Street.Small dashes of dark paint make up the foreground, representing figures, crowded on sidewalks and in the streets.Up-and-coming plein air painter, Benjamin Lussier demonstrates a painterly break from the classical paintings generally found in the Grenning Gallery.

We suspect Baumans fresh eyes due to his recent return to the US, after ten years of painting and studying in Europe, has helped to create the mysticism rarely seen when one paints a city a bridge.We’ll be selecting some of their best works from the past year, along with a variety of small works thatll serve well as holiday gifts!Please join us for the Opening Reception of Grenning Gallerys latest exhibition, Sag and the City, Saturday, October 7th, from to 7pm at the Grenning Gallery, 17 Washington Street, Sag Harbor.Pale sand, bright green dunes, figures walking along the shoreline towards a horizon that glows from a sun that has just set.In contrast, Dalessio captures mania in Time Square.

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