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this is part of the regulation put in place on the company by the fcc when it approved its merger with time warner.

when i signed up for earthlink a couple of years ago it had a deal where i received a free webcam.

when i say start my webcam i just get a black screen.

i just bought a second cam by micro innovations within the past month and the resolution is very nice. this feature allows one-to-one videoconferencing for broadband users at speeds of up to 20 frames per second–the standard for the movie industry is 24 frames per resolution has also improved, with a maximum resolution of 320×240, over a previous resolution of 160×120.i see a great improvement both in quality and is less fails in the dll. i am happy with the change.always glad to see acompany who wnats to improve and give to us consumers.– by franki agree, the scene that you see is like a movie that was cut up on the floor. i have a web cam by targus linked through my usb, how do i fix this? [email protected]– by christine's dadi thing webcams are great, and all i can get way out here in the country is crappy dial up.

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