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The days of stigma and secrecy about online dating are long gone.

Fifty-one per cent of adults have used an online dating service or would consider using one, a new Nielsen survey of 3,500 Australians for the dating site reveals.

With this in mind, Joanne is now providing a coaching service to support women after their break-up.

And, there are so many online options available for you to meet new people in Canberra that I thought to cover the main web-based ones.

I see a lot of people now jumping online to either find someone for a date, a friend, a hook-up or a long term relationship. You’re exposing yourself out there for everyone to see I get that.

Websites and apps are simple to use and you can start meeting the right ONE or the right NOW pretty much today…you could probably be set up in about half an hour. But, when I look back to when I first started dating (before I was married, before online, geez before the internet!

“Bloody boring” is the way Carole Lethbridge describes the man who seemed perfect for her.

He was caring, decent, and interested in a relationship. This is the trouble when you’re a dynamic, financially independent woman in your 60s trawling the online dating sites for love.

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