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by Jack Rasmus copyright 2017 As Trump and Republicans near their passage of another .5 trillion in tax cuts for corporations, noncorporate businesses, multinational corporations, investors and the wealthiest 1% households, the issue of the tax cuts impact on US deficits and the trillion US federal government debt has arisen.

The only little problem I’m having, is that I’m always very interested in my date. But sometimes, it seems a bit too much, if you understand what I mean.

Well, for six days we would meet at restaurant, share pictures and such then walk around town through parks and various sites. But asking you for advise was because I was a bit losing my patience; after a year, I had expected more love and affection, more intimacy.

I was prompted to write when I read about ‘Ukrainian attitudes toward kissing’ because other than the European (three) cheek kissing, there was none. But I know, I just have to be a bit more patient and confident. Hung ***************************************************************************************** Hello dear Krystyna, You may recall an email I sent you asking your advice about a lady I had met on a website. We have such a definite connection now ,both electronically and emotionally.

Your information was very helpful and thank you for responding so quickly! keep up the good work helping people find love in this big world. Sincerely, Ken Weber Hello Krystyna, I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your website and appreciate your common sense ‘native’ advice.

Sincerely, Mike Martin Krystyna, This is fantastic advice. I’m now on your site everyday reading as much as possible. I had been in Ukraine twice and became interested in, then lost interest in, finding a FSU wife.

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