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At the end, I was really torn up, I said ‘mom, it’s okay – we don’t have to do this, it doesn’t matter, I can’t put you through this’.‘My mother and father truly both seized upon it immediately as a way of celebrating my sister and keeping her memory alive…and these two small town people from Louisiana really rose to this wonderful occasion and used it for charity.‘The one thing she couldn’t ever abide and the only thing that made her cry, she once told me, is when someone couldn’t accept what life had given them, they couldn’t accept death, they couldn’t accept how their life was going.True to life: Sally Field and Tom Skerritt played M'Lynn and Drum Eatenton, characters based on Margaret and Robert Harling, who suffered the loss of their beloved daughter Susan Robinson.Yesterday she was named as the 'supertop' customer by the French shoe designer.Louboutin revealed she regularly flies from her home in the US to his stores in Paris to snap up the latest designs.He’s about to marry again – I think Susan is just hoping this one works!

The women in my town talked in bumper stickers, they were funny, funny people.

Pat, my ex-brother-in-law, he remarried five or six months after her death and the first time I heard my nephew call this other woman ‘mama’ was when I said ‘No – Susan can’t disappear’.

‘I guess I started writing the play about six months later, it came out very, very fast.

Susan left behind her husband Dr Pat Robinson and their two-year-old son Robert after years of battling diabetes, and amid the waves of his grief, Robert, then an actor, put pen to paper at the urging of close friends and wrote all about the town of Natchitoches, where his mother Margaret ruled the roost and the women ‘spoke in bumper stickers’.

Based on a true story: Robert Harling wrote Steel Magnolias following the death of his beloved sister Susan Robinson.

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